Marketing & Business Consulting Services
Industry and Market Research
Deliver an in-depth research report for potential industry and market expansion.
When Trans-Industries, a manufacturer of bent-tube products for the heavy truck industry was looking to grow and expand into potential new markets, the company's management team reached out to Éclat for help with understanding potential new opportunities

The team at Éclat went to work first to understand the company's strength's and capabilities, then formed a concise overview of potential market opportunities for the management team at Trans-Industries. Our report outlined target clients within multiple markets and identified the strongest segments that the management team should focus the company's efforts.

Based on Éclat's work, Trans-Industries was able to expand their opportunities into these markets and grew sales exponentially.

Operations & Production Efficiency
Identify operational challenges in the company's shop floor processes and create a plan to improve product throughput.

Trans-Industries had become complacent in their operational process and the management team was looking for new ways to improve shop floor efficiency.

Éclat's operations experts coordinated with the manufacturing leadership team at Trans-Industries to best understand any operational challenges the company was facing on a day-to-day basis. Our team worked developed a cellular manufacturing plan that implemented configurable work cells for like-product manufacturing, then further went on to develop a re-designed shop floor layout. Éclat additionally was able to identify numerous manual process that were able to be automated.

After completing the shop floor re-configuration, Trans-Industries realized a 22% increase in efficiency, allowing them the ability to confidently take on expanded business opportunities.