Marketing & Business Consulting Services
Develop a dynamic web site designed to both educate the consumer as well as act as an on-line product catalog.

Trailer-Mate, a manufacturer of electrical towing products for retail sale wanted a web site that would not only provide information about their product offering, but one that would also provide basic safe towing education for consumers.

Éclat began working with the company's management team towards this end and developed a dynamic, data driven site that met and exceeded Trailer-Mates expectations. The site offered product lookup capabilities by year/make/model, detailed product specifications, access to installation and operation instruction manuals, product and towing FAQ's as well as a dealer locater to direct the consumer to an authorized distributor of Trailer-mate products.

The highlight of the site however was Trailer-Mate's "Tow Safely" campaign, which provided educational information designed to inform both the first-time trailer tower as well as the experienced operator in all means of towing safety.

Éclat delivered a bright attractive site utilizing dynamic data, animation and video to convey Trailer-Mate's message to their audience.

Catalog & Promotional Materials
Develop a full line print catalog and support materials for use in B2B sales.

To support their sales efforts, Trailer-Mate wanted comprehensive literature for the company's core line of automotive aftermarket products. Éclat was asked to develop a full-line print catalog along with a targeted industry publication advertisements that would educate and speak to specific product features.

Éclat labored to create an in-depth product catalog that spoke to the breadth of products. The catalog was developed utilizing artistic product photography, descriptive and detailed content, and strong graphic content, while articulating the breadth and depth of the Trailer-Mate product offering.

Technical Copy Writing
Develop comprehensive installation instructions for vehicle-specific product and new product development.

Trailer-Mate turned to Éclat for assistance in the technical authoring of installation and operational instruction sheets for their continually expanding line of vehicle-specific products. The team at Éclat worked closely with the Trailer-Mate's engineering staff to create illustrated, product-specific instruction sheets for each individual product in an illustrated tri-lingual format that was easy-to-read and follow.

Product Packaging
Develop consumer friendly product packaging for a full line of vehicle specific products.

To position product within a retail space, Trailer-Mate required consumer friendly packaging. Additionally, the company's management wanted to set a standard by providing ecologically friendly packaging while keeping their packaging costs as low as possible.

Our team at Éclat reviewed the overall product mix and divided the numerous products into separate family's based on application, size and complexity. Once this was achieved, we were able to design cartons based on both product family and individual part size.

Éclat's team further devised a method of post printing all part-specific data directly to the insert card that could be done on the shop floor at the time of assembly. This process eliminated the need to inventory individual part-specific cartons, reducing the packaging carrying costs to the company by thousands of dollars.