Marketing & Business Consulting Services
STTS / Sentry Fastener
Inventory & Warehouse Logistics
Perform an inventory count and valuation for a pending divisional purchase.

STTS was looking to purchase a regional fastener distributor from a private entity and needed assistance performing a due-diligence physical inventory of the facility. Éclat was brought in to assist with the project.

The initial estimate provided by the facility owner to STTS was of $500K in standing product on the floor. However, once Éclat performed the due-diligence and properly valuated the inventory, it was determined that the in-house inventory value actually exceeded $1.1 million.

After the purchase of the company was complete, the team at Éclat was brought in to re-configure the warehouse footprint of the existing facility, expanding storage capacity and improving operational efficiency of the facility.

ERP Implementation
Select and implement an ERP solution for STTS's new enterprise.

After completing the due-diligence, STTS discovered that their new acquisition had been working from a pen and paper system to valuate and maintain their stocking inventory. Éclat was again brought in to assist in determining the best ERP solution for the enterprise and to manage the implementation. Once complete, Sentry Fastener was able to realize a reported 35% savings in inventory stocking levels while improving their order fill efficiency by an estimated 60%.