Marketing & Business Consulting Services
Professional Wiring Products
Logo / Branding
Create a brand identity that is immediately recognizable within the industry and to the end consumer.

When PWP's parent company was ready to introduce a private label brand to the recreational towing market, they came to Éclat for help developing and communicating their new brand message and identity. The team at Éclat worked to develop the Professional Wiring Products brand message and a logo that was readily recognizable within their industry, ensuring the finished product was one that carried a direct message to the end consumer.

Catalog & Promotional Materials
Develop a full line print catalog and support materials for use in B2B and B2C consumer sales.

To support the new brand, literature was required to promote and assist with sales efforts. Éclat was asked to develop a full-line print catalog along with a line of product category specific brochures.

Our team worked to create a product catalog and a series of brochures that speak to the breadth of products and experience provided. The catalog and brochures were developed utilizing artistic product photography, the new brand identity, descriptive and detailed content, and strong graphic content, successfully articulating the breadth and depth of the PWP product offering.

Technical Copy Writing
Develop comprehensive installation instructions for each vehicle-specific product.

With the launch of their new PWP brand, PWP's parent company needed assistance in the authoring and branding of installation and operational instruction sheets for their expanding line of vehicle-specific products. The team at Éclat was brought in to working closely with the company's engineers to create illustrated, product-specific instruction sheets for each individual product.

After conferring with the company's engineering staff, our team went to work to develop detailed, concise, uniform documentation in an illustrated tri-lingual format that was easy-to-read and follow.

Product Packaging
Develop secure consumer friendly product packaging across a full line of vehicle specific products.

To position product within a retail space, PWP's parent company required consumer friendly packaging that as easy to load from a production standpoint. Additionally, the packaging needed to be cost effective as the product family had hundreds of vehicle specific SKU's.

Our team at Éclat reviewed the overall product mix and divided the numerous products into separate family's based on application, size and complexity. At the company's direction, clamshell packaging was selected for ease of loading during assembly, so we developed a number of insert cards based on clamshell size and product family.

Éclat's team further devised a method of post printing all part-specific data directly to the insert card that could be done on the shop floor at the time of assembly. This process eliminated the need to inventory individual part-specific clamshell insert cards, reducing the packaging carrying costs to the company by thousands of dollars.