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Platz Realty Group
Logo / Branding
The challenge? Rebrand a successful enterprise without losing identification with its previous client base.

When Steve Platz Realty decided to expand its services beyond those offered by a traditional real estate service, it was imperative that the firm not loose touch with it's original client base.

After learning the intricacies of the new organization's outlook and expectations, Éclat was challenged with the task of re-branding Steve Platz Realty into the Platz Realty Group and communicating their expanded service offering with a clean, simple yet concise tag line.

Develop an aesthetically pleasing website that promotes expanded services and allows clients to browse both the for-lease and for-sale property listings for the re-branded enterprise.

Éclat was selected to develop the agency's all-new website with a two-part focus - promote the company's new commercial business services while supporting the traditional real estate listing services.

With the new branding intact, Éclat developed a website that clearly and artistically showcases The Platz Realty Group's services and company values in an interactive way. New commercial business services are outlined and detailed while property listings supply in-depth data, including rotating slide show images and mapping data.

Google Analytics indicate that the website is a success in traffic flow, visit duration and pages per visit.

Printed Materials
To guarantee consistency, Éclat worked with The Platz Realty Group to unify its identity.

Communicating a consistent brand image is instrumental to the success of a business. Utilizing the newly developed branding, Éclat developed a unified look and feel to the Platz Realty Group's corporate collateral materials, brochures and advertising.

Outdoor Media
A brand positioner in the Platz Realty Group's outdoor campaign.

Developed to introduce the new enterprise to a wide range of potential clients, the copy on this billboard uses the unified feel of the Platz brand while succinctly providing the core services that the Platz Realty Group delivers - expanded business acumen for commercial real estate clients along with traditional sales and leasing.