Marketing & Business Consulting Services
Knight Crew
Logo / Branding
Visual branding is just as important for musicians as it is for other industries.

Knight Crew came to Éclat with a general concept for their logo in mind. As a local Detroit area classic rock cover band, the group knew they wanted to feature the iconic downtown skyline, but didn't know where to go from there.

After a chat with the band members, and a session listening to the band perform some great classic rock, the team at Eclat developed both a logo and a tag line that communicates a visual statement that summarizes what the band is all about.

Website / Social Media
Develop an interactive, aesthetically pleasing website that draws the user back and carry the band's message to social media sites.

After developing the logo, Knight Crew needed to communicate with both their current and potential future fan base.

Éclat developed a well organized website that provides information on the bands booking calendar as well as offering an easy to navigate web experience showcasing the bands capabilities, music and history, a blog, press data and booking/contact information.

Éclat additionally provides ongoing social media content updates for the band's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Promotional Materials
Keeping the brand active via promotions.

Knight Crew understood that keeping their brand consistent in their marketing efforts would build the band's credibility and make it easy for their fans to easily recognize their efforts. To this end, Éclat developed easily editable Booking Posters, Business Cards, Wearables and other materials to ensure that Knight Crew could promote a readily identifiable brand to both venu's and their fan base.