Marketing & Business Consulting Services
Logo / Branding
Create a brand message that is immediately identifiable & within the industry.

ECI came to Eclat as a start-up enterprise needing help developing and communicating their position in the automotive aftermarket as a business to business supplier of towing related electrical products. the team at Éclat worked to develop a brand message and logo that communicated and was easily recognizable within their industry.

Catalog & Promotional Materials
Develop a full line print catalog and support materials for use in B2B sales.

As a designer and manufacturer of automotive aftermarket product, ECI required literature to support their B2B sales efforts. Éclat was asked to develop a full-line print catalog along with a line of product category specific brochures.

Our team worked with ECI to create a product catalog and a series of brochures that speak to the breadth of products and experience held at the company. With artistic product photography, the company's new identity, descriptive and detailed content, and a strong graphic treatment, the materials successfully articulate the core of ECI's business.

Technical Copy Writing
Develop comprehensive installation instructions for each of ECI's vehicle-specific products.

As a start-up, ECI needed assistance in the authoring and development of installation and operational instruction sheets for their line of vehicle-specific products. The team at Éclat was brought in to working closely with ECI's engineers to create illustrated, product-specific instruction sheets for each individual product.

After conferring with the engineering staff at ECI, our team went to work to develop detailed, concise, uniform documentation in an illustrated tri-lingual format that was easy-to-read and follow.

Operations & Production Efficiency
Identify the stumbling blocks in the company's shop floor operations and develop a plan to improve throughput.

ECI was experiencing a common issue found with many startup enterprises - a lack of operational efficiency. The company had good product design and the right equipment, but lacked the operational experience to efficiently manage their process flow.

Éclat coordinated with ECI's manufacturing leadership team to review and understand the operational challenges the company was facing on a day-to-day basis. Our team then developed a cellular manufacturing plan that implemented configurable work cells for like-product manufacturing. This, coupled with a re-designed shop floor layout improved the company's throughput and operational efficiency by over 35%.

After completing the shop floor configuration, Éclat coordinated with the company's management team to assist in identifying and implementing an ERP system, thus allowing ECI's management team complete visibility and control of their enterprise.